The Life University "stands for" educating people of all ages so that
they are considerably more able to
run their lives effectively in terms of
personal power, fulfillment and happiness

The measure of your knowledge and developed life skills is that
you will have virtually no problems (because of your thinking and
problem solving skills), be virtually stress free all day, be very
effective/powerful in life, and be unconditionally happy.

It is very easy to stop short in our life education and to never have
enough time.  But it is proven that we can free up enough time for life
education - which, in turn, as we become better at life, ends up freeing
more time - more time for what is truly valuable in life.  (Such as in our
sister site:

Most people essentially live
Groundhog Day (see the movie if you
haven't seen it) over and over
until they learn new things. Or they
suffer from the "
gradually boiling frog" syndrome, where frogs would
jump out of boiling water but are not confronted with a choice from
being put into cool water that is then gradually boiled - until they cook
to death - before they realize - much like humans in life - that they
could get a lot more out of life!

At The Life University, we believe one can learn life systematically,
instead of the random way
in which almost all people learn about life,
and that p
eople can also learn time efficiently through the use of
ully pre-designed programs that allow people to learn, first, where
they are in each area of life, second, where they want to be in each
area, and then determine how to get there - bein
g sure that they arrive
at life's
ultimate objective: personal happiness. One critical key is to
get them to do it proactively, to act ahead of time, in anticipation, so
that life works much better by avoiding avoidable problems!

Kids don't learn enough of the right stuff, teenagers learn from peers,
and adults primarily refine their old "childhood" life knowledge and end
up perpetuating their childhood behaviors, cleverly disguised with adult
subterfuges, varying from "powering over" someone or something to
the opposite end where powerlessness is a pretense and a device.  

Join us in the process and, please, stand for others getting the education
they can.

The sister website, contains many
written pieces designed to have you learn about life so that you can love
the life you live and create the life you love, AND be able to lead others
to learn to be more powerful, more effective in life, and happy.  
Explore it and look deeper at what is of interest.  If you use it fully, we
guarantee you it will be well worth your while.

Also, it would be useful to glance at
The Life University, Learning How
To Be Effective In Life In A Systematic, High Quality, Efficient Way,
including An Overview of The Curriculum.

Another viewing point of the same challenge:
The Limitations Of
Human Beings - And How To Manage Around Them For A Great Life

Other possible items to explore sooner rather than later:

Quantum Leaps In Education Will Only Come With Certain "Shifts"    

Go to this main site to learn life:  

This is the site that will link you into the
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Covering the whole realm of leading an
effective, happy life

Life Management and The Underlying Basics
of Life
Becoming the Powerful, Effective, Happy
Person You Can Be
Straight Thinking in Life
Being More Productive in Life
Creating Great Relationships
Physical Well-Being
Financial and Material Well-Being

There are links to the most effective
resources, and this site is full of items that
will help you to be "complete" and to
become a true master of your life in a direct
time-efficient, effective manner.
I would greatly appreciate any
questions, requests, inputs, and
contributed writings (full credit will
be given).
Link to the key "curriculum" site:  The Life Management Alliance site,  
where you will do most of your personal work.  From that site's
sitemap, you can link to any sub-sites.  Bon voyage, as
this could be
the most valuable experience of your life!

All sites are not-for-profit - and solely for your benefit, as a "pay it
forward" out of gratitude for all I have received in life